Story Idea: The Man At The Window


Beth: is the protagonist.
Rick: is the antagonist.

Beth is having her dinner late at night. She has been up for hours. She hasn’t been able to sleep well for a long time, she has had this thing hanging over her.
Beth is recently divorced. Her husband died soon after their separation.
Beth is worried about meeting her husbands best friend Rick.
Rick is very angry at her, he believes that she caused his friends death, through her ignorance and lack of empathy.
Beth knew that her husband had depression, but she couldn’t stand being around him any longer. She knew that all he wanted was her support. But he took drugs and became more violent towards her with every passing day.
While Beth is eating, she hears a window smash behind her. She knows who did it, she knows it was Rick!

Beth goes to the police. She knows that Rick smashed her window, the police agreed to interview him. He is captured and admits his crime. He says that he did it to teach her a lesson. He did it to avenge his friend.
Rick is charged with criminal damage and threatening behaviour. He is bailed until the court case can take place.
Beth is now worried sick! She knows that he will be after her, she pleads with the police to keep Rick in custody while they wait for the case to be heard. But they refuse.

Beth is again sitting at her dining room table, eating dinner. She knows it was about this time when Rick attacked her. She hears the wind outside, and a car drive past.
Nothing happens though and she decides to go to bed. But she’s hidden something underneath the mattress.
In the morning Beth wakes up to see one of her window smashed again. The sound catapults her out of bed.
No one is outside her window, but Beth finds a rock on the floor with a note attached, it reads… “I WILL GET YOU!”
She picks up the knife from underneath the mattress and walks out towards the door. She intends to go to the police, to tell them of this new crime and that Rick is stalking her.
She opens the front door and gets into her car.
She starts the engine and drives off. But, as soon as she pulls out of her driveway, her tires burst. Rick is shooting at her from a distance. He advances towards her, gun in hand. He tells her to get out of the car but she refuses.
Beth picks up her knife, it may be her last shot at survival!

Over to you my fellow writer.
How would you end the story? How would you make it better? Would you ever consider publishing it?

Tell us in the comments below!


…If you’re feeling really brave…

…Paste your story into the comments section below, so that the whole world can read it!

Thank you all for reading, and I wish you all the very best of luck with your stories!

Yours truly,
Sam Shooter.

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