April 17, 2017

Poem: Colin Crusher

Dedicated to all who suffer from online abuse.

Colin Crusher is a hack!
Colin Crusher is a Pratt!
I hear that most every day.
But I’m just a normal kid,
I like blogging, that is it.

But each time I get abuse,
My best friend, my trusty muse,
Goes on some strange holiday,
For a terribly long time.
This is bad, hence for my mind.

Colin Crusher is so gay!
Colin Crusher go and die!
As these words eat into me,
I sense suicidal thoughts
Creep into my weakest parts.

Colin Crusher is a prick!
Colin Crusher is a git!
As abuse is written, hence
After each new heartfelt post,
I do cry inside myself.

Is this what my life will bring?
Will I die before my teens?
Can this ever stop for me?
I don’t know. But I’m still Colin,
and I will still, keep on Blogging!


Copyright © Sam Shooter 2017

All Rights Reserved

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