…Inside the church, Michael and Mitchell saw a glow of candles shivering in the wind. The building was very dimly lit, it was the perfect place for a horror story to be set.
They continued to walk forward, towards the seating area where they would sit during the funeral. The vicar was already at the altar, and the organist was playing quiet music in the background.
As soon as Michael sat down he noticed that the seat was ice cold. He shivered as the feelings run up his spine and into his mind. It made him uncomfortable, but, not as uncomfortable as he was about to feel, when the real horror of the occasion set in. He looked up and saw the dim lights above him. They didn’t do much to brighten the room. The church had been built in the mediaeval times, and only relatively recently had it been furnished with lights. But they were shit!
The vicar took to the stand and began to speak. Michael and Mitchell shut themselves off and thought of other things, like how they were going to deal with Bill Bryce at school. Bill was one to avoid, but in recent weeks, ever since their grandmother’s death, he had taken a special interest in them. He wasn’t one for mercy! Everyone else at school had gotten off lightly, except, that is, for Michael and Mitchells best mates, the imbeciles.
Their title had been coined by Bill himself and he was very proud of his creativity. It did the job!
The imbeciles consisted of Michael and Mitchell, plus, Kieron, Nathan, William (also known as Willy, Much to his disdain!) Bobby and The new girl, Marie. Together they made a very loyal group. Michael was the leader, since the others respected him the most. He had gotten them together and this was the best gift that any of them had ever received, the gift of friendship.
Michael smiled as he remembered his times with the imbeciles. He liked them all, but in the last year he had developed a secret interest in Marie. This was strange for him, since he knew that the other guys were interested in her too. He never let her know his feelings for her, how good he? What would the other guys say? He couldn’t betrayed his friends, so he decided to keep it to himself. It was the best option under the circumstances. He had a vision of Marie flash before his eyes, in it she was very beautiful, and he was holding her hand. He looked into her eyes, and then, just like in a fairytale, she…
“I will eat you!” Came a terrible voice from somewhere above them. Michael looked up, And so did Mitchell, they had both heard it this time!..

Copyright © Sam Shooter 2017
All Rights Reserved

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