…The voice cascaded into them, as if it were a fire at sea. Both boys looked up to see where the sound had come from. Sure enough, there, clutching onto the ceiling with a face all smiles and chills, was their grandfather.
Their grandfather had died a few years ago. He was hated by most everyone in the town. Only a few fools dared to be his friend. He beat his wife day in and day out. Although his loyal partner tried her best to keep a positive outlook, he was determined to break it at any cost. Eventually his temper caught up with him. He was arrested for smashing a plate over their grandmother’s head! She had been knocked out and had had to go to hospital. But fortunately she survived. He though, got more than he bargained for! He was put into prison for 20 years. But by the time he had reached his first decade behind bars, he was dead. He died in prison, which, according to most everyone who knew him, was just what he deserved!
But now, as the boys looked up at him, they could see that his spirit was still hungry, hungry, for revenge. Mitchell squeezed his brothers hand. Both boys were shivering as if they where buried up to their hearts in snow.
“Boys pay attention!” Said their father who seemed oblivious to the deranged ghost above them. The two boys looked at him and started pointing towards where their grandfather was situated, his fangs, encased with hungry saliva, bore down at them in the dark. Their father took one look and then shook his head. “Don’t be silly! Are you men or are you mice?” The two boys felt very much like the latter at this moment in time. He couldn’t see their grandfather, he couldn’t see the truth, they were all alone!
The two boys looked up again, but they could see nothing, their grandfather was gone. But they knew that he would be back, that was what he had said after all! They had visions of being eaten alive by him. The anxieties that built up inside their bodies made them feel dizzy. Then, without any warning, both of them went off in a dead faint!

When Michael awoke, he saw a group of adults standing over him. Their faces told a thousand stories, some were concerned but most of them were very angry at the disturbance caused to the funeral. Michael could hear someone talking in the background.
“What do these boys think they’re playing at? Don’t they realise that this is a funeral. Honestly! No respect for their elders and betters?” Michael let out a moan but his mother put her hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t try to talk dear,” She said. “You’ll only make yourself worse,” Michael thought that she was being thoughtful towards him, until she added… “You don’t want to delay the funeral any more than you already have.” Michael knew that the situation was hopeless, he closed his eyes again and fell fast asleep.
By the time the funeral was over, the boys had still not awakened. Their bodies had gone cold and two men had had to remove them from the building. They were still breathing, so there was no need to take them to hospital. Plus, their mother was a nurse and she could see that there was nothing seriously wrong with them. Nothing that she couldn’t manage at least. They were just tired, that was all.
They brought the boys home and left them to sleep in the living room. They slept there for seven hours, until eventually both of them opened their eyes almost simultaneously. They were very glad when they realised that they were both still alive.
“Alright!” Said the father who was sitting nearby. “You’ve stayed up long enough, now get to bed!” It was 1 o’clock in the morning, but they had slept for so long that neither of them felt sleepy. But both boys knew that it was useless to argue. Still they were not looking forward to having a waking night, not with a carnivorous monster on their minds!..
Copyright © Sam Shooter 2017
All Rights Reserved

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