…The rain started to fall as they changed into their pyjamas. Michael and Mitchell shared the same room, which was fortunate for them, given the circumstances. They were shivering as the moon cast a white glow across their faces. Neither of them wanted to fall asleep, for they knew exactly what they would dream about if they did. Their grandfather was still fresh in their mind and there was no way that they wanted to dream about him!
“Mike?” Said Mitchell finally. Michael turned over in his bed.
“Yeah Mitch?” He replied. Mitchell sighed and Michael felt his exhaustion. they were both very faint from all the anxiety, but still neither of them wanted to fall asleep.
“Can you hear him?” Said Mitch and Michael knew exactly what he meant. He could hear his grandfather very clearly in his mind. Saying that he would eat them both.
“Yes.” He said slowly. This made both of them shiver. It was not very comforting to know that a carnivorous monster was out to get you. A monster that was hungry for revenge and to eat his own grandchildren. But still, they had each other.
“Has he told you his new name?” Ask Mitchell.
“Yes,” said Michael in a low, trembling voice that resembled a broken vinyl record. “He said his name is Ravenous.” At the sound of his grandfathers knew title, Mitchell rolled over and made a quite scream. Michael felt like doing the same, but he kept his lips closed. Something inside of him told him not to bow down to his grandfathers evil, something told him that he had to defy him. But as he thought about this his grandfather made a silent warning to him.
“The more you defy, the sooner you’ll die!”
“No!” He said in his mind. “I will defy you, you old bastard!” He wasn’t sure of his own statement. He wasn’t sure if he would ever have the courage to stand up to Ravenous. But he would try. No matter how scared he might feel, he would try!
The two boys stayed awake for the rest of the night. They could hear their parents snoring in the next room and they shivered as the night chills blew through the cracks in the window frame. But by morning, when the sun finally rose over the horizon, they could no longer hear Ravenous in their minds. He was gone, at least for now.
Soon they could hear their parents moving about in the next room and they realised that they had won the night. But deep within them both however, was the realisation that the horror was just beginning!..

Copyright © Sam Shooter 2017
All Rights Reserved

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