…Michael picked up his bag and looked out of the window. The sunshine was gorgeous, but he could still feel the chills from the night before. In fact his whole being seemed to be encased in ice and the light did little to brighten his spirits.
He was preparing for his first day back at school since his grandmothers cremation, but he was already dreading the ride. The bus stop was just down the road and he knew that he would soon be under the hands of Bill.
Michael felt a tingling sensation run through his stomach. It told him that real trouble was afoot! He had got this feeling just before his grandmother had died and this time he believed it absolutely.
He stuffed the last of his books into his backpack and reluctantly swung it over his shoulder. He hated having to go to School, it brought him so much crap that he would have been willing to lose an arm and a leg just to stop attending. The worst things about school, in Michael’s opinion, were; Bullies, homework, detentions and the constant name calling by teachers. Christ! Bill was bad enough!
Most of the teachers were shit at their jobs! But hay, what could a 12 year old do about it?
Michael for one knew that his life was a hopeless case. So with a sigh and a deep sense of resentment, he left to catch the school bus.
He stepped outside into the sunshine and looked across at Mitchell who was standing beside him. They frowned as they started walking through the unwelcomed heat.
“Mike?” Said Mitchell as they approached the bus stop. They were just out of ear shot of all of the others kids gathered around the bus stop.
“Yes Mitch?” Said Michael bending down to his brothers level. Mitchell sighed and his face went very white.
“You don’t think,” continued Mitchell looking at his brother. “That they know about this too? You don’t think that they know about–” Michael interrupted him he knew exactly what he was going to say.
“–No,” he said in a low voice. “I don’t think anyone knows about him except us.”
“Not even the imbeciles?” Enquired Mitchell. Michael did not know the answer to this, but he had a sad feeling that the answer would be no. He could not lie to his brother, so he said…
“I’m not sure whether they know or not. I hope they do, but I very much doubt it,” he looked up and could see that the bus was just pulling up. “Quick!” He said and they ran forward to board it.
As they joined the back of the queue Michael whispered to his little brother… “I wouldn’t talk to them about this if I were you, they might think we’ve gone mad.”…

Copyright © Sam Shooter 2017
All Rights Reserved

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