… But at present, nothing was bothering the two boys peace. Except, that is, for the fact that their father was dead. Joey, being too young to remember his dad, often asked his brother questions about him. Their mother never mentioned him anymore. Rick was Joey’s only reliable source of information. But the fact remained, that even Rick knew very little about him. He had quizzed his mother several times. But it had only ended in angry debates about how awful Rick was to trouble her and how he should just forget about it all! But Rick couldn’t forget. So Rick tried his best to answer his brothers ever increasing numbers of questions. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t answer them all. Rick appreciated how understanding his little brother was. He never got angry at him and sometimes they would theorise the answers together. This was fun because they often dreamt up some weird things that made them laugh. The funniest so far in their eyes was… That their father had gone into space to find their mother. Who, after his passing, was now returning to her alien hibernation. Neither of them believed this of course. But it passed the time while their mother was going through her laps of insanity.

“It’s a little cold,” Joey said trying a second time to engage his brother. “You want to run around a bit bro?”

“No Joey,” said Rick with a sigh, one that even made the chirping seagulls rather depressed. looking down at the two white faced boys, freezing themselves to the bone was enough to put anyone down! “Not right now.” Joey gazed at his brother, he knew what he was thinking about. The time was only nine thirty in the morning. They could see people heading into the church, where a plaque in memory of their father and his crew rested. Joey wished that he had known their dad as well as Rick did. But when Rick got like this, he was almost glad that he didn’t.

The anniversary of Mr Phillips drowning was still raw to the town. Richard Phillips had gone down with twenty others that night. That lonely night. When two year old Rick sat, praying for his father’s return. The prayer hadn’t worked. From that moment on, Rick had not believed in magic. Ever since his father’s passing, Rick hadn’t had the best of lives. He and Joey were often beaten and yelled at at school. It had begun in nursery and had continued to the present day. Neither of them held out much hope that this would change any time soon. There was only one thing that made their lives worth living at the moment and that was each other. Still, Rick didn’t dare move. Over the years he had tried to keep the memory of his father’s last days with him alive. He was building a tower of bricks when his father came in to say goodbye. No one knew then that he wouldn’t return. But when he picked up his son, he had done something that Rick had never forgotten. He had bent down and kissed Rick on the cheek…

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Copyright © 2017 Sam Shooter

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